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Sawdust Shredder


The sawdust shredder has four models for your choice one is A model, one is B model , one is C model and another  one is Y moving  model.Also we have different power or motor match type to use electric motor or diesel engine.
The power have two models that one model is 5025 and another model is 5050 with different working efficiency.
The difference between three models is that B model has two feeding entrances and one output exit and A model only has one feeding entrance and one output exit and difference between B model and C model is that C model has fan and B model has not fan and Y model can move and other models can not move
So you can choose 5025 A model ,5025 B model,5050A model ,5050 B model,5025 C model or 5050 C model or Y moving model to

use electric motor

(11~15)KW+5.5KW(the fan power)
22KW+7.5KW(the fan power)